About PPC

Precision Power Components Inc. (PPC) is a supplier of high quality parts, sub-assemblies and constructions for the power industry. We offer any kind of mechanically produced parts as well as mechanical and electrical sub-assemblies for applications in the power industry, especially for gas and steam turbines. Special focus is placed on the supply of parts made from all kinds of stainless steel, “super alloys” (e.g. Hastelloy, Inconel, Waspaloy, Haines materials etc.), Stellite etc. 

All our products are produced according to customer specifications and can be supplied with material and test certificates of any kind. PPC is a member of international AWB Group, which has a 15 year history of producing high precision mechanical and electronic parts and sub-assemblies.

PPC is based in Atlanta, Georgia (USA) close to major turbine OEM production facilities to supply all kinds of products within a short time frame. PPC is the supplier of choice for leading OEMs especially when:

  • Products have to be imported from Europe
  • European material and technical specifications have to be considered
  • Any kind of machined part has to be supplied in a short time frame
  • Any kind of machined part has to be produced from special materials with 5 axis milling machines

Depending on customer specifications PPC stores products locally in Atlanta, GA and delivers them according to our customers needs. 

All products supplied by PPC are tested and quality inspected before being shipped to our customers. Therefore PPC is able to reduce significantly the complexity with regards to sourcing and quality control in the side of its customers.